Testimonials for Armen & Armen

Testimonials for Armen & Armen published here that were originally submitted to the Trulia profile page for Armen & Armen“Jackson Heights Real Estate Experts”

Trulia Testimonials for Armen & Armen

Greg / Helped me sell a home: Armen and Armen were fantastic to work with. I am on the Board of our Coop, which bought, renovated and resold an apartment on behalf of our shareholders. “The Armens” had excellent knowledge, brilliant marketing skills (and a great photographer), plus a trove of interested buyers (mostly from Manhattan) they were eager to sell a home to. In the end, we raised our conservative asking price, and still sold the unit $15K over the higher ask. In all, the Armens were attentive, friendly and extremely diligent. One more thing: because word has gotten out in our building about how good the Armens are, a majority of shareholders have decided to use them. The big side benefit is this: In part because of them, the comps in our building have risen appreciably, which has created a virtuous circle. Armens > Good results > Word Spreads > Higher Prices > Armens > Even better results. Tue, Apr 22, 2014

Helenahandbasket / Helped me sell a home: I can’t recommend “the Armens” highly enough. They got an offer (at full asking price!) within one week. The people who bought it had seen it the first day the Armens began showing it. There were also some other very interested parties who said they would make offers if this full-price offer fell through (which it didn’t, because the Armens get a sense of who is a “serious” buyer before starting to show). For some context, an almost identical apartment took nine months to sell with another realtor.
 Not only do they match buyers and sellers well, they take marketing very seriously and make sure buyers in Manhattan and Brooklyn know about the great apartments Jackson Heights has to offer. 
The Armens were also very responsive, personable, and pleasant. We will definitely use them again when the time comes, and recommend them to everyone we know.
 Sun, Dec 15, 2013

Eduardo Martinez  / Helped me sell a home: 
As a former president of Colonial Court I have nothing but praise for Armen & Armen. They sold our apartment at very close to the listing price in 3 weeks. Their professionalism and guidance in the sales process was invaluable, and we truly felt that our interests were being protected at all times.
 Ed Martinez. 
 Sat, Dec 14, 2013

dgouldstone / Currently working together: 
I’m a loan officer and have worked with the Armens on a number of purchases and it’s a genuine pleasure to work with them. They are both top class professionals with deep knowledge and expertise in NYC real estate and really look after their clients. Armen Meschian is my contact man on a deal and he always does a great job of keeping everyone informed and making sure the process moves smoothly to the finish line. Great guys.
Thu, Dec 12, 2013

Shelley / Helped me sell a home: 
I was very happy with my experience working with Armen and Armen selling my apartment. They created a good plan to find a buyer quickly and followed through with the necessary paper work in a timely manner. There knowledge of Jackson Heights is very good, even though they are relative newcomers to the real estate scene here. I was impressed at their thoroughness. 
Shelley Wiseman. 
Sun, Dec 15, 2013

kranack / Helped me sell a home: 
I had a wonderful experience selling with Armen & Armen. They sold my neighbor’s apartment in record time, which is how I heard about them. I wasn’t totally sure I was going to sell when I met with them, but I felt that they were honest, straightforward and interested in getting me a good sales price but also cared very much about getting the right buyers for the space. It worked out really well, I sold in a matter of weeks, and everything was easy-breezy. I highly recommend Armen & Armen! Thanks so much!
 Wed, Dec 11, 2013

Amyballmer / Helped me buy a home: 
The Armens were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process of searching for and ultimately buying a home (our first). I can honestly say that we couldn’t have done this without them! While every aspect of our experience benefited from working with Armen & Armen, I think we appreciated most their trustworthiness and knowledge about the neighborhood, the building, the process.. everything! It’s one thing to have questions answered, it’s another to know that you can trust the answers. I highly recommend working with Armen & Armen!Wed, Dec 11, 2013

Maura Callan / Helped me buy a home: 
”The Armens” are detail oriented, caring, and extremely knowledgeable during the sometimes difficult and confusing process of buying a new home. They are a dynamic team and come highly recommended from my husband and I! 
Wed, Dec 4, 2013