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  • Sep 10, 2012
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“El Pollo Loco” fine Jackson Heights wheels

My favorite car in the Five Boro’s of New York City just may always be parked in Jackson Heights, this well babied Lowrider Chevy that you see in these photos. The owner of this fine feathered chariot is a great Heights character Anwar Ahmed also the proprietor of “The Original American Chicken” on 37th Avenue. Unless for rain or snow the rooster resides on the hood daily.

A great image is when Anwar shuts the kitchen for the night, he hops in this baby, primes the lowrider hydraulics, turns on the great stereo to his ritual drive away tune of “Summer Wind” by Frank Sinatra, (you can hear hear it blocks away) then he turns on the under carriage black lights as he drives down 37th ave. Sinatra wafting from a hot rod on a hot New York City night is worth the price of entry…

Photography/Graphics/Digital Media ©copyright ArmenKojoyianDesign, all rights reserved

Author: kojo

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