Jackson Heights Sellers

Ready to sell your property in Jackson Heights? Here are two key concerns that all our seller clients have are:

1. Underpricing – no one likes leaving money on the table

2. Overpricing– a concern of being on the market for too long and losing money as a result.

Jackson Heights Property prices have been very stable over the last year and that is good news to all sellers! With stability comes clarity of pricing decision and buyer confidence.

What are buyers concerned about?

1. Overpaying – it signals bank undervaluation concern, and overarching concern of paying too much.

2. Stability of Investment – In a volatile market such as what we see today, stability signals a comfortable spot, and ultimately soliciting healthy offers.

This chart generated by Trulia.com clearly shows where we are in the market today, and since historically we see things slow down in the summer months and an increase in the Fall, it will counterbalance the small dip that you see in June and July.

Jackson Heights  average price per square foot