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  • Jul 23, 2012
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Jackson Heights Transit Hub

Nice article I found by David Navarro and video of the Jackson Heights transportation hub to familiarize your self with for your upcoming visit to Jackson Heights Gardens.

JACKSON HEIGHTS (WABC) — The 74th Street station is where the 7 line meets the E, F, M, and R lines in the northwestern part of Queens.

This is Jackson Heights, and one of the first points of interest here is the station itself.

It is the largest subway stop in Queens with 6 subway services and 5 bus lines. One goes to LaGuardia Airport. It also includes one of the first green buildings by the MTA. Among the upgrades, the electronics are partially powered by solar panels.

When you step out of the transportation hub, you step into one of the most diverse communities in New York City.

Roosevelt Avenue has something for everyone from everywhere. More than 61% of the residents were born outside the U.S.. One of the city’s more celebrated Indian restaurants is found one block from the station – the Jackson Diner.

Two blocks away is the Vietnam Veterans Triangle. It commemorates 9 servicemen from Elmhurst, Queens, who lost their lives fighting in the Vietnam War.

Finally, a little over seven blocks away from the train stop is where the game of Scrabble got its start. It is the building where Alfred Mosher Butts lived in the 1930’s when he invented the famous word game.

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