Why Choose Armen & Armen

Why us? Experienced Real Estate Service provided by Armen Kojoyian and Armen Meschian exceed all requirements to excel in the fast changing Jackson Heights Property market.

Two key concerns for sellers are:
1. Underpricing – no one likes leaving money on the table, nor should you, we will gain the best price for you

2. Overpricing– a concern of being on the market for too long and losing money as a result.

Jackson Heights prices have been stable over the last year and good news for sellers! With stability comes clarity of pricing and buyer confidence.

What are buyers concerned about?
1. Overpaying – it signals bank undervaluation concern, and overarching concern of paying too much.

2. Stability of Investment – Volatile market such as what we see today, stability signals a comfortable spot, and ultimately solicits healthy offers.

Proven success record
We proudly hold a 100% sales record and have superior references from our clients and customers.

Superior Marketing
We leverage multi-media sources and technological innovations. Custom Websites, Multi-Media Campaigns, Custom Design. See MARKETING page.

We pick up our phones and since we work as a team, there is always someone available to answer questions and to show our properties.

Hands on experience in all aspects of the transaction
With professional experience from the Mortgage Banking and Graphic Design fields, we problem solve and trouble shoot all obstacles that arise in transactions and deliver custom design solutions to appeal to a wider buyer audience.

With a large book of business and a list of approved vendors, we are equipped to assist in all aspects of real estate.

• Property Marketing Sales & Leasing

• Seller & Landlord Representation
• Buyer & Tenant Representation
• Deal Negotiation
• Buyer Qualification
• Board Package Prep
• Jackson Heights Realty Consultation