BERKELEY GARDENS  35-25 77th Street

Built in 1936-37, architect was Joshua Tabatchnik, the six-story-and-basement Berkeley Gardens coop (formerly known as Berkeley Hall) is among the later apartment buildings erected in the historic district. Typical of pre-war development, the building occupies an end-block site on 35th Avenue and is planned with two lightcourts flanking a slightly recessed central gabled pavilion at the front and lightcourts at the sides.

The central pavilion and the flanking courts are modulated with angled bays. The building is roughly contemporary with the Berkeley Apartments, also designed by Tabatchnik, which is located around the corner on 77th Street.

Faced in red brick with white trim, the building is neo-Georgian in style. A two-story wooden portico marks the entrance; a similar motif in stone, consisting of paired pilasters supporting an architrave, is repeated on the facades of the flanking sections on the avenue. Other neo-Georgian elements include the pitched roof with gabled dormers, pediments, and urns; brickwork imitating quoins and brick band courses; three-sided oriels at some second-story bays; and the false fanlight above the entrance. –

Building Department Records

Elevator Apartments / Cooperative (D4) / Owned by Berkley Owners Inc. / 96 units / 6 stories / Community District 403 / City Council District 25 / Police Precinct 115 Block/lot: 1277/1 / Joshua Tabatchnik, Architect / Neo-Georgian Style /  Berkeley Hall Inc., Developer

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