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  • Sep 10, 2012
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Hanging Plastic Man of Jackson Heights

Woke up this morning and on my way to do a open house, I see this great creature hanging from a cross-walk light post at 82nd Street and 35th Ave in Jackson Heights, NY. It was made totally of clear packing tape and what looked like clear plastic cups and assorted clear plastic items on the interior. I must say the artist was quite ingenious and the neighborhood loved it taking pictures at its side all day. I am proud of the neighborhood that they respected this installation of spontaneous art and as of 8pm he is still hanging from the light post. May this plastic cellophane sculpture start a fast spreading phenomena! Also my first photoshoot with a new Canon 10-22 lens. How lucky…

Photography/Graphics/Digital Media ©copyright ArmenKojoyianDesign, all rights reserved

Author: kojo

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